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lunedì 21 luglio 2014

My fake tanning bad experience! {Review Kiko self tanning rapid mousse}

Hi girls! today I want to talk you about my bad experience with the fake tanning.
I have a very very light skin and in the summer I haven't tanning,
so I decided to try the fake tanning.

{My skin before the fake tanning}

The fake tanning: 

I decided to buy this of Kiko because it was in special price {6,90 euro}
I have exfoliated and moisturized my skin and after I have applied the fake tanning.
After an hour my skin was golden and I thought: -Wow that's cool!-
After three hours my skin was completely tanned and I was really happy!

But the next morning..

It passed a week and my skin is still so, I had a shower every day, exfoliated my skin, used make-up remover, the cleansing milk but nothing my skin is still so!
I don't know what to do, I hope it goes away over time 😔
Certainly I'm not gonna buy anymore of this self tanning! It's horrible!
I hope it goes away soon and I hope to try better self tanning products 😌

I hope you like this post!
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Xoxo Daisy (:

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