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sabato 19 luglio 2014

Review Mulac Lipstick

Hi girls, today I want to talk about a new italian make up brand named Mulac.
Mulac's creator is Cindy, a young italian youtuber famous for her channel "La Cindina".
Cindy is a very creative person and through her videos she incites to unfollow make up rules and give vent to your art.
Mulac does the same encouraging to be different and creative.

From some days Mulac has brought out a line of lipsticks and I decided to buy two of them.

The package arrived after 2 days and that was what i found inside the box:

The Lipstick:
The packaging comes in a rectangular shape with the Mulac logo in the center and some apparels, their smell is very pleasant, if it wasn't enough they are 100% natural and the colors are very pigmented.

Skin is a very neutral nude which adapts easely with every type of skin but is more beautiful on a very light skin, the finish is very glossy on the lips and gives a moisturizing sensation for the first two/three hours. The duration is about four/five hours.


Wonka is a chocolate color and it is inspired from Willy Wonka and it is similiar to Diva of MAC, in comparison to Skin it is a little more dry on the lips but it's always glossy. The duration is very good, nearly all day long!


For now I'm satisfied with this lipsticks, they are natural and very pigmented and the duration is very good.
Little by little I will buy all the Mulac lipsticks and you will find the review for everyone of them here on the blog.
Price: 11,90 € - Special Price: 10,70€

I hope you like this post!
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Xoxo Daisy (:

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