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domenica 17 agosto 2014

#1 I wish..

Hi girls! This is my wish list 

Beige Jeffrey Campbell:

I love these amazing shoes! I think they're perfect for the winter.

Michael Kors Brown Selma:

This bag is: WOW!

Michael Kors Black Medium Jet Set Travel Tote:

Another beautiful bag!

Michael Kors Golden Stainless Steel Blair Glitz Watch:

This watch for my is perfect for every outfit!

Fujifilm instax mini 8:

I really want this camera! It's so cute and I love snapshot!

So this was my wish list!

I hope like this post!
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Xoxo Daisy (:

5 commenti:

  1. I have fake jeffrey campbells in black from H&M and they're sooo comfortable! Imagine the original one! *-*
    I also have a MK purse (which you can see over on my blog) and I can only recomment MK purses. The quality is just top!

    Also I have the pink fujifilm mini 8 camera! This is so amazing! But, I read a few days ago about a new fujifilm "Printer" which has the same size as the camera, but you can print your Pictures on the Polaroid films with your mobile, which is even better. You should look and think about what might be better for you! :)

    Btw. I nominate you for the "Liebster Blogger Award". If you want to do it, would be happy about it! :)

    xoxo Monia :*

    1. I saw your MK's bag on your blog, it's so beautiful!*-*
      OMG does it really exist?! Thanks so much for telling me! :*
      Ohw thank you so much Monica, I'm so happy!❤️ I saw now the post, I'll do as soon as possible!❤️
      Xoxo darling
      -Daisy ❤️

    2. Yes I love my bag :PP *-*
      yees! you can check it out here :


      It's such a perfect Invention *-* :p

      Aaaw you're welcome! ❤️ Great, gonna keep on touch! :)
      xoxo monia :** ❤️

  2. That watch is so pretty!

  3. Great blog! Maybe want follow each other? if yes, just follow me and i follow you back :)